Tuesday, February 08, 2011

little bits

I didn't attempt to go to work today because of the weather and the condition the roads were in yesterday. Esme and I did go and 'play snowball' earlier and ended up at Grandma's. She has been a pretty good little girl all day. I haven't done much else except knit on a sock a little, play with Esme and watch tv or get food/drinks with her. I did notice this morning while doing the laundry that Esme's cow dress and Cinderella dress both really need to be replaced -- the cow dress because of what Nova puppy did to the ties and the other because the fabric is fraying on the inside. There are quite a few things that need to be weeded out again and replaced since she has also grown some and I wash clothes hard and often.

So... my latest round of dressmaking has not been without need. I do, however, need to convince myself to make her more pants AND dresses ... because the pants are hardly ever exciting but they are necessary ;) She told me she didn't like the knit sock I made 1.) because there were only one of them at the time and 2.) because it didn't pull all the way up to her knee like her other socks. Mumum will have to see what I can do about that if she still doesn't like them after the second sock is done.

Among other things on my mind are wondering how she got a scrape under her lip yesterday. It doesn't seem to bother her but I keep thinking it is koolaid or food and trying to wash it off. And later tonight she put her playmobil dolls through a small hole in her activity cube and got her hand stuck in there trying to get one out the way it went in... *sigh* But she'll get over it with just a bruise and maybe the knowledge not to get stuck in a 'raccoon trap' again. I'm also hoping Mark can drive me into work tomorrow, he's still trying to get over his cold and this weather is formidable.

It's nice today to have gotten my pair of slipper socks finished - out of one skein of 'Vanna's choice' lion brand yarn. It is soft and slightly thinner than regular Red Heart acrylic. It has less bounce and a tighter knit - which is a good and a bad thing. The cloth is very very dense. They are nice because with these on over my regular socks I can't feel the cold on the cement floor downstairs - which chills right through a pair of normal socks! The bad thing about it being so dense is it seemed to take forever to make them compared to the bouncier, fuller acrylic. There already is another color I'm thinking of getting next time I am at the store. I would have liked to make Esme's socks out of that - but she picked purple instead in the red heart. Besides finishing those I did some laundry and sweeping, gave Esme a bath and cleaned out some unnecessary things from Esme's room so I could see the floor again *ha*.

Later Esme was in her room watching me clean up and helping/dismantling my progress when she saw the moon out of the window by the shelving. She had to look all the way up from a very steep angle to see it - and I craned my neck up to see what she was talking about. It wasn't where I had expected to see it, so I thought she was kidding me at first. I told her good job and it was a pretty moon. A minute later I draw Mark's attention over there because she has her mumum cow (angel with wings) and baby cow 'flying' around and stopping to look at the moon together. Then she took a few more turns finding other toys to show the moon to and having them talk about it together. It was very very cute.

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