Sunday, March 07, 2010

Picture updates, dresses, pizzas and dinosaurs

'Green size 5' 1960s Simplicity dress pattern with 'different' sleeves and a closely tucked skirt. The color was off on this picture, but it does show the progress I've made so far

Esme and I playing dinos early this morning - Mark snapped several pictures as the dinosaurs went from fighting to jumping on the pillow to kissing and then my dinosaur tried to go to sleep but the other one kept attacking him while he slept etc etc...

I feel happily satisfied that I can count six items in this picture that I have made for the house - my pants, Esme's pants and dress, the pillow she is sitting on and two elephant toys tossed about near us.

A rework of the raglan sleeve pattern

It is still gappy in the front, but the back worked out perfectly and no need to draw the sleeves up with ribbons

Fabric Note: This dress was made with 1772 Spirit of the West fabric by Maywood Studio (red with black chrysanthemum bandana print). Fabric bought from a local quilting store: The Quilting Bee of Camden, TN.

The other night Mark tried to register for online pizza ordering - and was so upset by how long the process took (how much info they wanted) that he decided to pull out a frozen pizza and put 'real' ingredients on it. He chopped up fresh ball mozzarella and real red wheel cheddar cheese and deli pepperoni meat and spices onto the pizza and cooked it until it bubbled. It was a heavy but very good pizza, and worth the wait for the oven (which would have been about the same to go pick one up, where we live).

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Maya Kuzman said...

Dear RheLynn, the things you make (whether it is a toy, women's or children's clothes) are amazing! The raglan shirt is my favorite! Thank you for leaving a comment (and linking) thus enabling me to find your beautiful blog!