Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sharing patterns

My sister-in-law called today - at the same time I was talking to my mom on the other cell phone - and Mark caught a picture. Yeep. Me on two cell phones at once when I'm usually biased against even talking on the one! She had problems with a dress pattern she is working on, but didn't know where to start or how to read the pattern. She wasn't sure what 'cut 1 on fold' meant (fold the fabric halfway, lay pattern on fold line and cut one that is twice the distance and identical on both sides. She also wanted to know what 'cut 2' was - and why it wasn't turning out right after she cut two out (she forgot to reverse one on the print fabric). I hope I straightened her out a little - she needs to go buy some more fabric tomorrow.

Mark suggested instead of just making a dress for her daughter Elizabeth - I also cut out the pieces for another one and send them together with some instructions. She will probably also need a 'in between' dress basted and tacked together so if she has any questions as to how things attach to each other she can refer to the 'model', but also take the 'model' apart easily. Between her and my mom - if there is a visual model to work with (both of them have some issues with written directions) they can figure it out. A long time ago my mom used to be a fair seamstress - learning some from my grandmother who was an excellent seamstress. I hate it the same night I offer to send her a dress because 'I just made a lot of them' is the day she has been tormenting over this pattern and her own mother wouldn't help her with it. It felt like bragging -- so I hope making her up a kit to get with my mother will make it better for them.

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