Friday, March 19, 2010

Fake counting and colors

Last night during her bath Esme 'fake' counted to six while pouring cups of water into another container. It went like this: 'Three... three... three... feer... ive.. sees!' She's got the idea down ;) Often I hear counting to three by 'three, two, three' still. I'm not sure what she has against the number one!

We were also reading her Big Bird colors book, something I had grabbed at library or rummage sale long ago when I saw it. I had the exact same book when I was a kid! (wow) and this one was in perfect condition. On every page the items are a different color and in the text Big Bird asks the child to find something, then he is holding it on the next page. We haven't actually read it 'together' in many months - because Esme has been in an 'I do it myself' phase about reading. But last night she was willing to try it again. I asked her to tell me what the items were and she got more of them correct than I expected, including the kite and yo-yo which look different than her Starfall or Kindersay games that have those words in them.

Also our PeanutNinja kitten caught a mouse downstairs by the garage door. I've seen Pogo catch one there before, about six months ago. Good kitten, but we had to chase her around the house to get her to take it outside. I'm so glad they're diligent about getting those woods mice when they come in (dog feeding, watering and letting in/out for outside happens near there) - just wish they wouldn't run around the house with it dangling from their mouth and refuse to give it up and/or take it outside! sheesh.

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