Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feeling green coalesces

Little green dresses start to come together
can't you just tell the left side of the worktable is where Esme sits and plays?

I cut out the green dresses last night - and maybe will start sewing on them after we get back from town. Both of these dress tops (and unseen short sleeve pieces) came out of the fat quarters from the quilt shop in Huntingdon last time I visited. *yipe* I just didn't want to use them until I was sure the pattern was good. The green gingham was SO cute (it has little clovers in the middle of the squares) and I couldn't find any more of it :( It was an Aunt Grace reproduction fabric - and is now out of print. Lucky me to pick that one, huh? I had also bought a yard of the lighter green skirt fabric - and was able to squeak a pair of pants out of it as well. And I do mean 'squeak' - the pants pieces just barely came to the edges of the fabric that was left after cutting the back pieces and skirt out of the yard. Mark says if I dress Esme in these and let her outside we'll have to flag her with blaze orange or she'll get lost in the woods. Haha! Actually - I have a yard or so of bright orange fabric maybe I could make a coat with a tie sash around the middle so she could wear it through the woods and protect her arms from poison ivy/thorns etc...

I'll still have to look through what else I have and see what I'd like to make for two other little girls -- especially something lighter that won't be too hot to wear outside. I have fifty little zippers coming from Ebay sometime this next week (hopefully) as I'm down to mostly pink and orange ones from the last assortment of 50 I had ordered.

And I'm saving my scraps for something later on -- maybe a patchwork taken in little pieces to work.

I was cruising Crafting Japanese just now - and found these wonderful pages to save for another time:
Japanese clothing book pictures @ icewerks
Crafty Dogma's gray tunic <-- looks like I could make this for me!
some cute kid's Japanese clothes at wee wonderfuls

I was planning on going to Huntingdon again today -- but Esme needed miso soup and that is in Paris. Mark also wanted a porkchop - and that is also in Paris. So I just stopped at the WM and picked up a yard and a half of coordinating fabrics to start out my projects for the other girls. If one of them doesn't like frogs I know Esme will love to have one. So either way - someone will be wearing frogs. Esme saw my dental hygienist at the WM buying fabric for her little boy's room. Tami wanted to see Esme's teeth and Esme said 'NO WAY'. Of course she is counting down the months until she says Esme should come become a patient of theirs.. Mark is scared of dentists so he's unsure of it all. Tami said she hasn't seen my things on Etsy lately and she's right... I feel like I should make some things for the shop but then I barely have time to do what I want to do to keep (or give away specifically)... and am always worried what I make without that spark might never get a home etc.. It is a tough feeling. So mostly, the shop stays empty for the moment until that spark is true.

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