Friday, April 03, 2015

Thursday (and Good Friday is a day off)

8.45a    - dragon city
9.15a    - klondike
10.15a    - break

10.30a    - Avatar ssn2; discussion of themes
1p    - PE: Forest and swamp exploration
//Mark and Esme told me all about going into the woods to track down a certain flowering tree - seeing heron nests, other nests in trees, looking at the roots that had been dug bare in a tree in the water and wondering what had done it.  Esme also said she saw a white bucket under a tree that was trash - and wondered where it came from.
2p    - more Avatar
4.30p    - spaghetti sauce construction
5p    - done

It's Friday now - we've given her the day off as it would have been an off day in her public school calendar.  She got up extra early, to stretch her extra day off into 'two weekends'.  She was rollerskating before 8 am...  I have been off of coffee (but with green tea) for a week now, almost?  Getting through it - tired though.  I fall into bed at night the past few.  I had some very detailed book dreams last night.. I wish I could make the one of the little girl and the swing and the forest..might sketch some for it, beautiful black and white drawings with yellow, red and green highlights and over drawings dancing through...It is so hard to believe these books I dream about reading don't exist in the real world, sometimes they even have titles, authors and copyright pages.  The brain is a strange thing dreaming....

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