Thursday, April 23, 2015


8a    - general Q&A: "why do we have eyebrows?" fridge letter rounds such as 'zany stepping prickly goat circus dinosaurs' and so forth changing one line at a time and seeing the new results.  She grabbed a small magnet to add an apostrophe to Zany's - saying it was a name now and it needed that 'shape' she couldn't remember the name of. 
8.30a    - break

9.30a    - PE, bike riding (explorations in pavement) Mark took her into the town for Grandma's dentist appointment, and she rode bike there and learned town riding rules with cars nearby and sidewalks.

10.30a    - reading math book Math for all Seasons, discussed dentistry and town life
11a    - break

1.45p    - Mythbusters: "Exploding Porta Potty"
2.45p    - Mythbusters: "Cooling a Six Pack"
3.45p    - done

// Esme has given the new chicken a name, now - 'Gennet', after the brave but lonely girl in her reading book.  It is actually a thoughtful name.  Her other chickens, acc. to her, are Beautiful Chicken, Miss Pretty, Chickenletta and Long Neck Chicken.  I thought Miss Pretty used to be Long Legs, but she says they all grew up now and that doesn't fit her anymore.

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