Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wednesday that was a Tuesday

8.30a    - math test pg 4
//She spent probably five minutes whining the page was going to be so hard before actually completing it - after she realized that the place value problem was a 5 and a 6 squeezed in would become a 56, and that 64 = 64 because '1 equals 1 and if that is equals than 64 and 64 will be equals, too.'  
8.45a    - sims
9a     - reading Pets and Promises Noisy Nancy and Nick - "ness"/"ment" section and vocab word pages
9:30       - sims - building a house from scratch, using cheat codes
10.30a    - break

11.45a    - Video: "the Engineering of Aluminum Cans"
12p    - science: salt crystals
12.15p    - break

1.30p    - indoor bike riding
2p    - domestic chores (scraps for chickens)
2.30p    - sims
3.30p    - Mythbusters: "Chicken Gun"
4.30p    - done

//We read another two sections in the Stink Guinea Pig Express book again tonight before bed.

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