Sunday, April 05, 2015


 Hanging out on the porch with Columbus

 A Totoro toy I made for her this week while she wasn't looking...

He's going to eat her chocolate bunny before she does!

 Miss Rabbit has long ears
Puppet show in the back of the truck.

We hunted for plastic eggs with coins inside, went for a french fry and milkshake, and then came home to play a bit more.  We took a walk to the lake and kicked the soccer ball around some.

I've started some more tomato seeds today - and the borage and comfrey seeds.  I have one tomato plant up with second leaves and a few pepper seeds have germinated.  There might be a pea or two coming up in the garden.  I've started making a long skirt and found my summer sandals.  It looks like we might just be ready to say Spring is here - or will that jinx it? 

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