Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday in Paris

8a    - dragon city
9a    - break

9.30a    - Town: Fish Fry Parade
11p    - break

12.30p    - Mythbusters: "Sinking Titanic"
1.15p    - bike maintenance; tire inflation
1.30p    - PE: outdoor bike riding
2p    - done

Mama Notes: I've finished the entire Liveship Traders series, and all but the last trilogy that Robin Hobbs is still working on completing... // Have started into the original Tarzan series free on Amazon.  spoiler:  Disney movie lied about how the parents died... been way too long since I read it and watched the movie in the same time period to have noticed that  before.

//planning for new schoolbooks
ISBN : 0792259351
Title : Zoo in the Sky: A Book of Animal Constellations
Authors : Jacqueline Mitton
Also, a copy of Mouse and the Motorcycle, and an original (not abridged or altered) copy of Winnie the Pooh - although I need to examine the ISBN of the one at the library and see if I can find it elsewhere in that edition.
Tall tales and legends - have several free ebooks to start from
I ordered her a pictorial dictionary for children that will arrive in a few weeks.
We watched the movie the Sandlot - and she focused on why they named the dog Hercules.  We tried to explain who Hercules was - but ended up deciding that we will find a book on the Twelve Labors of Hercules and reading through them as a philosophy lesson.  She is interested for now - wants to find out what he did.

Article:  Homeschooling gifted child (asynchronous notes) // The asynchronous notes on this hit on the head for our situation with Esme.  There are some things she just gets without problems - and other things she argues about and misinterprets over and over again until one day - when she gets it.  She is years ahead in some subjects, and a year or so behind in other things - especially her use of grammar and her ability to sit and focus on something that does not already have her interest.  I can put books in her path and she will ignore them for months - or pick them up and be absorbed for a day and have lots of new ideas from it.  Her fear of the bike turning into near mastery in a week and a half is more evidence she just isn't going to be on the same path as most of the kids her age - because she is wired differently, and has to come to things in her own time or - if it is very important - have it worked with her more patiently and not just bustled along on someone's schedule with no regard for if she learned it or not.  So, homeschooling is working for our 'asynchronous' girl because we put effort into the things she really needs to learn, let her explore to pick up other things she can where she is interested - and just generally try to provide all the opportunities and guidance we can.  Another goal of ours - that public school was not helping with as she was gone 10 hours a day and in a general bad mood whenever she got home - is to live life in the real world, know how to work for things she does need - self-care, exercise, planning ideas, how to shop, study, make things, draw/paint, cook, general basics of cleaning and laundry, taking care of animals, gardening, fishing, flying kites, music etc...  This comes naturally at home and she enjoys a lot of it.

Article  Math ceiling -- an article and comments for me to read later.. I cut up somewhere between dividing polynomials and differential equations... I get it, but not always the right answer - and I can't tell why... and don't have anyone to talk with about it as I'm not really in that field anymore - and polynomials come up very rarely while plumbing houses ;) or praseodymium crystals, for that matter...

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