Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday flea market

8a    - preparations and town; math discussions
//what is a brooch pin - this was hard to describe, she wanted to say it was a needle with a spot on one side - although she understood it and knew it was jewelry, she didn't like the other names.
//she brought up the topic of negative numbers, and we continued while driving to the flea market - multiplication of negatives, negative and positive, positive and positive, some arithmetic and fractions.
8.30a    - flea market
//She learned geese have teeth, and saw piglets and ducks snuggling in cages.  We talked to our farmer friend and bought some of her wares for a graduation gift for a friend.  Esme found a plastic toolbench with toy tools and we scraped money up between the three of us to buy it.  She then carried the top half and I carried the bottom half out of the market.
10a    - store
//Looking at tomato plants, herbs, plants.. she chose some red celosia for us to buy and her to plant another day.  She asked questions about the cacti and other succulents she saw.  We shopped for food and discussed a lot.  She carried the cat food out to the truck saying she had muscles now.
10.30a    - break

12:15p     - Legend of Hercules - first three labors
Perseus project website, reading, listening and discussion, recapping to Daddy what she had learned about.  I stressed that in each of the labors we read about Hercules used not only his great strength and agility, but also his brain to observe and decide what the best thing to do was.
12:45p - Sims - She has been using my name dictionary to name her characters, it is quite cute to go in and find names like 'Esther' and 'Alvin' on her characters.
3p     - done

//Notes :  The other day I was brushing her hair out for town and she said that she was proud of herself lately, because she now understands the math of money and time much better and did well on her test.  She has worked hard on those - and did really do so much better this last time. 

Communication :  Sometimes it is still like we are trying to talk through a foreign language gap.  She was trying to indicate to me a certain scene in the movie John Carter that she wanted to ask a question about - but I thought she was talking about Sandlot.  She said the movie with the dog, and the lots of people, and the dog looked really weird.  And the man, who was the man in blue, he bashed at the same time.  Finally I worked around (with her getting mad I didn't understand) that she didn't mean Sandlot - not the kids with the baseball, the man with the amulet.  OK.  That helps.  And then I instantly knew the scene she meant - and discussed it was showing a flashback to a sad time (blue) where he buried his family and at the 'present' time he was fighting lots and lots of enemies and thinking about the bad old memories at the same time to draw his strength and anger to protect his loved ones now.  That was all she wanted to know - why the movie was connecting those two things together....

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