Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Parks and Gardens

8.30a    - cleanup desk and  toys. 
//She swore she wasn't learning anything several times during this - bossy and sass... but she found several things she had been complaining was missing - just gone - and I put them exactly here and they're gone... and she found an art kit she had been wanting to use and had buried.  She started picking up speed and cleaned her desk and our pool table and transported her things away to pile up downstairs and in her room.  Will tackle those another day when I am feeling like having the battle.
9.30a    - dinosaur and doll roleplays
10a    - math test pg 6 & 7
10:15 break
11a - drawing with art kit
11:3 - get ready for town trip / break
12:00 - walking city heritage parks (City beautification wetland bridge and Thomas park in Huntingdon, TN), pizza place
2:30 - break, drive home
3p - feeding chickens, starting photos for plant scrapbook, some of the pictures down below were taken by Esme, but I helped on a few as well.
3:30 - done - and off outside to practice bike and eat a picnic

 Climbing on Stuff
 In an apple tree

INDIAN PAINTBRUSH (Grandma's house)

Milestone today: she can ride her bike downhill with feet on the pedals and stop with her brakes with about a 80% accuracy rate. No go on uphill yet.. but this is big development for her bravery!

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