Thursday, April 30, 2015


7.00a    - laundry and self-care // She had put all of her things in the washer by herself and was taking a bath and washing her hair.  She was very proud that she did it all by herself.  Our little girl is starting to really starting to get and use her self-care skills.  (It's about time.. she has been so reluctant and at some point we really want to see her gaining these skills and using her own judgement)

7.45a    - Sims - building a palace with seventeen rooms, a hedge maze outside and ponds.  She is paying attention to lots of details and playing with little features of the game we hardly notice ourselves.

9.15a    - Spelling quiz, writing several sentences, going over words in the -ouse and -e changes to -ing families  Pulled up a couple of jazz songs on Spotify, which she disliked.. her taste in music is very narrow.  Pointed out that 'Everybody Wants to be a Cat' is Jazz.  She likes that song, but put her head down on the table and sulked while it played.

9.45a    - Labors of Hercules #7 through #9.  Man eating horses of Diomedes were quite frightening, so she was glad when the Gods on Mt. Olympus sent the wild beasts to make sure there weren't any around anymore.  She said she knew all about minotaurs from a cartoon - but I said we might add that on as a legend to look at after the Labors are finished.

10a    - gardening // planting her six celosia plants.  Some complaint, but when I said what she didn't plant (since she chose them) I'd give away instead of plant she dug the holes and put them in the flower bed.

10.45a    - fishing  - learning to cast on my fishing rod, she caught two leaves and a piece of duckweed, but there were several strikes and she was happy with her progress.  She picked these flowers all the way home from the lake.

11.30a    - done

//When I got home at night I asked her several math/measures questions while she brushed her teeth.  She passed them all, except she couldn't remember the word 'scale'- she said 'the weights' and made a hand-sign showing a scale balancing in air.  I asked her what things were measured IN - and she said grams, and pounds.  I asked what was heavier, 5 grams or 5 pounds, and she said pounds, and then told me she weighed only X in pounds, but it would be HUGE amount in grams.  We compared 5 grams to being measured in a few beans where 5 pounds would be several apples.  She knew there are 12 to a dozen, and 24 to two dozen.  I asked if there were 12 inches in a foot, and 3 feet in a yard, how many inches were in a yard.  She thought through and said 36 in less than ten seconds.  

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