Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday - English tests part 1

9a    - English test, reading comprehension test
//two pages of counting syllable and comparing word sounds, and a somewhere near 8 page reading comprehension test that she did very well on (20/23). 

9:3a     - Minecraft, built 2 pyramids, horse rescue
11a     - break

11:45     - punctuation, capitalization in Minecraft
//I'm going to give her more testing on this once I'm sure I've covered it adequately.  I put up signs with the rules in Minecraft and quizzed her on how to fix other sentences.
12:45     - reading Stink book - Guinea Pig Express - finished for library due date
1.15p    - break

2p      - Library art show
//She said she liked the heron painting the most with the log frame - but in person she was very entranced by the needlepoint textured piece, the yarn baskets and kept asking again and again what the purple silk "Best in Show" ribbon on a pottery piece meant.

2:30p   - History Explorer computer program - She explored Ancient Egypt, the Incas, Imperial China and Medieval times.  I liked that this one made her answer small questions about the text she had just heard (or in some cases skipped) in order to earn the stickers.

3:30p   - PE at playplace - she got on well with four or five other little girls.  There was much screaming,  animal roleplay, running, climbing and comparing of Happy Meal toys. 
5p     - done

//We went to a little fashion outlet store and she bought herself a fancy pen and pad of paper with some of her Easter money and this week's allowance.  She is outside running her bike around after having slept all the way home in the truck!

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