Wednesday, April 29, 2015


7a    - sims
//Also, a discussion about how to play the game of marbles - and her request to get more marbles, a few shooters, and learn to play. 
8a    - break

8.30a    - Hercules - we did Labors 4 through 6, and I asked her to draw a picture of any of the labors to show she remembered what happened.  She drew the hydra - with Hercules standing on its back holding a torch to singe the heads - waiting for his nephew Iolaus to finish bashing the giant crab that had been attacking him a moment before.  She says it is happening in a cave by the sea, with waves rushing to the right hand side.

9a    - bike riding outside
9.15a    - break

10a    - cleaning up her play areas and the living room area
10.30a    - gardening - marigolds, snapdragons and morning glories
11a    - bike riding
11.30a    - more cleaning up- Daddy said some of this was self-directed.  She located her doll clothes and doll mattress with bedding and had a little bedroom 'dollhouse' set up in her room along with a meal cooking for her doll and a pet.

12.30p    - done

Garden Notes:  I planted okra, dragon's lingerie beans, blue black shackamaxon beans,  asparagus beans, sunflowers, crackerjack marigolds, coreopsis, evening primrose, dill, cosmos, zinnias, snapdragons, red yarrow and hyacinth beans in the garden.  I transplanted the comfrey and borage that had been started in the house (I will start some more as well, for backup).  I still need to sprinkle more basil seed and plant the onion sets and some shasta daisy (not in the garden) seeds with Esme.  She has her celosia plants and a Thai Basil to plant, as well.  I have to choose and dig the rows for the bush beans after we have planted her onion sets.

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