Wednesday, April 08, 2015


9a    - reading aloud - Goldfish story, Pets and Promises (1980 primer book, used for second grade at a local school district and discarded to library sale)  She got all the words without trouble and her meter was pretty good, too.  She said she learned some things about fish gills.  She spent the last few minutes of the half hour drawing a geometric pattern she saw in her dream last night and had been telling me about just as soon as she woke up.
9.30a    - Sims
11a    - Avatar
11.30a    - cage building - Mark and her are constructing a circular cage for her new rat Rubles - and have about half of the outside shell done.  Mark said he was very impressed by her assistance with cutting and putting the cage clips on the pieces.  She asked lots of good questions, but had trouble thinking about how to cut a circle that would fit the structure. We are going to try to construct the ends and the door tomorrow - that will be a geometry lesson, at the least.
2p    - Sims
//She says she can handle four at a time, now - and had made a family with identical twin girls.  'I can't say who is who, Mom - I named them Tiger and Tiger Too, so they're different.'  Uh huh.  You can't tell them apart, you mean?  Yes, that.
3p    - done

She did not help in the garden when I got home from work - she kept playing computer.  I planted six dianthus and weeded out some things that were definitely weeds.  I found the gladiolus peeking up through the surface and a mint plant that got transplanted last year.  We might get some work done out there tomorrow or Friday.  She watched a little bit of I left my Heart at Wounded Knee over dinner...she stopped watching after the little boy got his hair cut and had to choose a new name.  She continued playing Sims until bedtime and had a lot of sass when we told her it really was time to do her bedtime routines and sleep.

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