Friday, April 03, 2015


Esme had the day off from 'official' homeschool today - but that doesn't stop the creativity.
She got Daddy to help her with the cutting and made a house out of her dryer box (which had previously been folded as an 'L' shape with shop counters taped to the back of it, and had also been a horse stable in the same condition.  Now she has a little rug I made her last year in there with her toy dog Gingia.  When I got home from work she was tying the door on through small holes she had made in both items and using broken hair ties to tie the knots.

This is a habitat for her plastic swan toy (which she has had for years, and used to carry around with her as a toddler) - It is a beautiful garden and a pond, and a nesting place.

I have a few little projects I know I want to make for her Easter basket... just have to get the time to sit down and work on them when she isn't looking....

Esme's drawing tonight of Rubles the rat in her new cage (not yet built) with an exercise wheel, toys and food.  I was impressed by the feet :)  they really do look like that.

We watched My Neighbor Totoro, and she really liked it.
I had to make this one black and white because she had folded it as a secret note.
She really liked catbus ;)

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