Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Rat Cage and Math Test

 Mark and Esme have been working on this all week - Daddy helped with a lot of the really hard stuff today - and I did the wire reinforcement on the side of the platform inside.  Esme helped clear out the table to put the cage on and place the bedding (not shown) inside.

Esme says Rubles will live like a rat queen in a palace, now.


8.45a    - reading aloud Freddie Found a Frog in Pets and Promises primer book
---exclamation point, vocab word 'compete'
9a    - sims - the family has a new baby to take care of!
10.30a    - break

11a    - cage building and set up
12.30p    - break

1p - practicing dialing the phone, town errands, she asked for onion sets at the co op, said they smelled nice.  We plan to share some of them and the lettuce seed with Grandma.  She bought a toy at the store with her Easter money, a guinea pig - and she wants to learn more about them, now.
3p - break
3:30 - North Dakota standard math test 1st grade, first two pages.  Lots of handwriting - the hard 'math' comes a bit later in the test - up to question 60 she will have without true problems - after that she needs to read carefully on the word problems and understand what is actually being asked, which is hard for her sometimes.  I told her we would do the rest over next week.

4p - done, time to put the rat in her new home, play outside and work in the garden

//After planting some sprouting onions in the garden and her continued claims of 'I love the smell of onions so much - they give me energy!', we decided to make pizza with onion as a topping (and pepperoni and cheese) for dinner.  She ate most of a personal size one herself.  The rat is settling very comfortably in her cage - even sleeping out in the bed area in the open instead of hiding most of the time.  Considering it is a new environment and the other animals are here to look at her, that is a pretty good sign.

I planted the marigolds, a cucumber plant from the co-op and those onions yesterday.  I noticed a lima bean we had found in the ground when we dug for planting the green peas had sprouted all the rest of the way with the peas.. Esme and I had decided to put it back in the ground and give it a chance since it had been there all winter.  It took that chance!

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