Tuesday, April 21, 2015


9.30a    - Grammar / English test - pages 11-14 of math test
//We will continue to work on capitalization and punctuation to emphasize.  For as little as we have really 'worked' on it up to now, she still was averaging more than 70% correct.  I found her an online video to reinforce.
10.30a    - PE, bike riding outside (training wheels are put away!)// riding uphill quite easily now until the incline gets very steep, then she gets off and walks it up and starts again at the top... amazing considering last week she was barely walking it along without her feet on the pedals.

10.45a     - Video: "Brainpop: Capitalization"
11     - Spelling primer, pg 40 activities, handwriting, sounds, thinking about word choice
11.30a     - Minecraft, survival mode shared world

12.15p     - gardening with Mom, marking rows, discussing plans, planting basil, radish and lettuce seeds.  We went up to her hilltop garden from last week and saw that the marigolds were coming up behind her little rock wall.  She was very happy to see the results of her work.

1:15p    - Minecraft, survival mode shared world
1.30p     -break
2p         - parsley planting, chickens, laundry
2:30      - done

She was 'grounded' from going to the fair carnival tonight - as her attitude of the past few days has been surly whenever she has to do anything she didn't plan or whenever she feels like arguing.  She slammed a door last night after one of the 'what did you say - no don't repeat it, why do you repeat it' arguments that are quite annoying to us.  She deliberately misinterprets something she didn't want to hear - and then uses it as an arguing point that she didn't mishear it, we said it wrong etc etc.. 

However, after the initial tears this morning, she has tried very hard to do what is asked of her with her work, and the gardening and to try hard at things.  She said she has a happy song to think of when she is about to be mad (about having to wash her bedclothes, which I told her she would have to carry herself to the machine and she was about to argue with) and then she is a little bit happy and isn't mad.  Whatever works, kid - in fact, I remember something similar from my days in public school, especially gym class.

We planted parsley in the garden for the rat - and she reminded me we needed a place for the onions.  We marked things out and she tied several knots in the yarn lines herself.

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