Wednesday, April 01, 2015


8a    - minecraft
9.30a    - dragon city
10a    - PE: carrying water to fill animal dishes in the yard.  She kept carrying smaller and smaller amounts in the bucket despite she knew it would take longer -- was having fun doing it, mostly.  Xeno's Paradox, Mark says - and she began to get the idea eventually *heh*
10.30a    - break

12.30p    - PE: 10x 500ft laps - playing outside in the warm Spring day, exponetial rock collecting and carrying...gave up on it after a bit, but kudos for trying
1p    - reading, puzzle book
1.30p    - break

On her own she began watching the entire first season of Avatar again - in preparation for the second season we had purchased for her.  Helped me prepare dinner for the both of us out of fridge leftovers (Daddy didn't feel like dinner after his large lunch)  There was rollerskating during and after eating.

I couldn't resist the urge - and Mark urged me on - to start breaking the ground in the garden.  I have felt stifled by the weather this year.. I didn't even really want to start the 'real' seedlings yet.  After feeling and smelling the broken earth maybe it is time...but there still might be one more freeze.

7:00 - watching and helping with the tiller in the garden, investigating the tilled earth, stones etc.
7:30 - reading the last third of the Stink Moody book, pgs 75- 103. Incredible Shrinking Kid - she wants to try to locate the next one - the Supergalactic Jawbreaker.
8p  - check on dragon city, reading descriptions of dragons to me.
8:15 -done, off to a bath and bed.

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