Thursday, April 09, 2015


9a    - reading aloud - Gennet in Pets and Promises (1980 primer book, used for second grade at a local school district and discarded to library sale), finding Ethiopia on the map, discussing nouns, adjectives and verbs again.
9.30a    - cage building; geometry and measuring, cutting hardware cloth to a paper pattern
11a    - break

11.30a    - avatar
12.30p    - sims
4p    - done

She also had an adventure in the woods with the dogs that involved a flowering tree and holly bushes that were between the path and the lake.   She was using her logic skills to find the tree, the swamp, the lake and then head up the hill towards the house - but the holly penned her up and then she had to yell to Daddy that she wasn't sure what to do next.  He was outside in his chair hearing her- led her back to the path and ensured she had a full poison ivy bath just in case!  They have finished the main body of the rat cage - now it is time for the interior levels and the door and hasp.

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