Wednesday, April 15, 2015



8:30 - greenhouse discussion/salt  crystals discussion / Minecraft
9:30 - breakfast making, Quantum Leap "Tess was Won"
//made peanut butter toast and apple for breakfast with cocoa - and talked about the premise of the show as it was playing.  At the end, she wanted to know if that song 'Piggy Sue' and the boy that sang it was real.. so I opened Spotify. 
10:30 - Peggy Sue and related music
10:45 - math test page 5
//no problems at all - we talked more about the definition of sum, difference and product.
11:00 - Minecraft building, pie shop, pool, school garden and a temple with a lava pit and arrow dispensers
11:30 - break
11:45 - greenhouse operations - peppers, planted Serrano, Cayenne and another unknown pepper from someone at my work - she was reluctant throughout this, but proud after she did it.  One minute she can't bear to get her hands dirty and the next she is splashing in mud..go figure...

Comfrey seedlings

12:00 - journal entry handwriting
//reluctant again, lots of sass about not being able to spell things right and making mistakes that are 'mistakes forever...see that, can't fix it.'  *sigh*  She did fix those and did a fair job trying to spell Peggy Sue.
12:30 - putting away clothes
1 pm - done

She fed the chickens, harvested asparagus and lemon balm with me and asked if we could make lemon tea with them.  She did a lot of running back and forth on the muddy roads.  She watched two more episodes of Quantum Leap and practiced making a lasso out of a long piece of flannel fabric and catching a cup with a rock in it on top of her barstool.

roping and wrangling for glasses of rocks

We watched the new version of Flubber - which she really liked.  She had watched the Absent Minded Professor earlier in the week (both Net'f'x by Grandma) and liked that, too - which was amazing, as it was in black and white and that usually turns her off.  But, at the beginning of Flubber the credits roll in mathematical symbols - she looked at something in there - a four leaf clover petal thing on a mailbox? and said it was just like from her dream.  I thought she was talking about the math.. not sure what she saw.

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