Thursday, May 25, 2006

No Spaceship Yet

Look of Shock and Desperation
as modelled by blue alien

He swears he can make the repairs himself, but I noted that he has no thumbs. Gladly his ray gun was also confiscated and his mental telepathy doesn't work with our thin atmosphere. *grins*

Alien at J's "workstation"
I might not be able to put this one up in the shop!
Looks like J and the alien are becoming fast friends.

My Knitter's Tea Swap partner (I sent to) was Harriett! She has some great craft projects up on her blog too - and is going to cast on Maia's Dea Terra yarn for a pair of socks soon!

I'm still checking my mailbox every morning like clockwork ;o) I think maybe my package is being held hostage by aliens.. just maybe... *thoughtful look*

Linky: Another cool etsy shop - MrPuppets. This husband/wife team makes hand puppets. They look really well done!

Linky: Extremely cool functional baby gift idea! They look like animals, but they pull apart into baby diapers, socks etc!


Chris said...

Those tricky aliens - are they holding out for a spaceship or something??

Chris said...

Clever baby gift idea. But you have me, the anti-pink and blue gift person. :) Heh.

RheLynn said...

That's alright - giraffes can be orange and yellow and the elephants purple and green! ;o)

Have you seen this book yet? I thought it was interesting, because of the cover image -- but maybe that is the only interesting pattern in it :o(

Anonymous said...

I love the alien!!

Chris said...

I've seen the book but never picked it up. I KNOW there is a free pattern for such socks online - I have seen them but can't remember where....