Saturday, May 27, 2006

Nice Day - some knitting

House slightly more in Order
After dishes, laundry and vacuuming were done, I finished the third prototype of the kangaroo - five cat toys for Rebekah's shelter sendoff, and then promptly ran out of stuffing. Yes, I ran out of stuffing! (well there were seven cat toys, but one latecomer went into the shop and the girls got the first one for their own - see below)

My PS-May swap partner sent a pretty card with three beautiful stitchmarkers attached to it! Thanks Jenifer! The little 'wish for a fish' marker especially made my day :o)
Project Spectrum Card from Jenifer

Beautiful stitchmarkers from Jenifer

The stitchmarkers made me think about knitting - and how rare it is around here. I made coffee, turned on and wound my Monsoon 'Firey Winds' yarn into a ball. I'm currently listening to a sonata while learning ssk decreases and knitting Branching Out.

We have 'Anatomy of a Murder' with Jimmy Stewart to watch tonight from Netflix - it should be good. We watched 'Over the Hedge' at the Parisian last night, and it was worth the tickets! ;o) J and I both enjoyed it. I'm glad X-Men 3 was sold out (I didn't really want to go to that).

Willow says these toys are 'cat-approved!'


Chris said...

The cat toy is red - I can't let Chaos see this blog entry... :)

Oh, fun package from Zenifer!

susan said...

I really like Branching Out. I think I'm going to have to print that pattern out. It's just beautiful and would make a great Christmas gift.

Gotta give you grief for running out of stuffing!! What?!?!? You should buy that stuff by the truckload! :-)

RheLynn said...

Susan: I know! I can't get any more stuffing until Monday night, at the earliest :o( We have a 'designated shopping night.'

What is it with cats and red toys?

Laura K. Lawless said...

Hello -

I'm sorry to contact you like this but couldn't find any other way to do it.

I really appreciate your link to my hummus recipe: but wanted to let you know that my site has moved. I'd be very grateful if you could update your link to

Thanks so much. :-)

Jenifer said...

Hi RheLynn! I wanted to let you know that I received your card, too -- it was soo lovely! Thanks so much! :) Pics soon on the blog ...