Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Calico kitty

I'm in progress with this little girl kitty.

I went back and added the catfish races pictures finally!

I knit a few rows on a brown sock from a while back, before I realized I had stopped knitting on it -- because it needed to be taken back a few rows. :o( Anyway, too tired to do that right now :o(

a little more progress...

And done! She has some issues though, that come with trying new things -- so she'll stay here at home with me, or maybe go to my niece in Minnesota in a month.

Not much else going on here..

Carrie K - I haven't forgotten about the sloth, it just took a little more energy than I found myself capable of the past few days :o( He's going to be complicated -- and I'm looking forward to prototyping him ;o) For one thing, his legs are much too short to be a true sloth... thinking about that, made a new sketch in my sketchbook (which calico kitty is lying on top of in the pictures). I did gather some materials, and make a short list of some other things to look for next time I'm in town ;o) BTW, when exactly is your brother's birthday again?

It was a failed tiny pincushion
but for Sally it is a ball/mouse
to be carried around and play keepaway from Willow.

Linky: Allsorts blog has posted a beautiful free Scotty dog pattern! and, because I think Miss I. still wants one, the lambkin pattern she links too as well.


Chris said...

The kitty looks fun. Bummer about the sock, tho!

Rhiannon said...

I love the newspaper mascot. How funny.

Your new kitty is cute!

Carrie K said...

The kitty looks darling.

I'm numb to frogging at this point after all these blankety blank shawls.

No rush at all on the sloth, RheLynn. I'll definitely be buying it from you, but whenever you're done. Sometimes these things just need to percolate, so don't worrry about me. No time frame at all.

Ah, keepaway. Don't they just love to play that?

RheLynn said...

Thanks everyone -- this little kitty will head up to Minnesota in my next package! McK (my youngest niece) can play with her and colour in the 'Animal Playtime' book I found for her when she visits Grandma ;o)

CarrieK - *sympathy on the shawls* -- but you have the staying power! My knitting is seriously slacking -- just too many cute things to sew lately, and too much gratification from it ;o)

I'll be pawing through the fabric one of these weekends at some store in Jackson, TN to find a bit more for Sloth, then -- the grey velvet came out of the dryer SPARKLY (sparkly sloth??? eep!) Very weird results...

jhoanna said...

Hi Rhelynn, just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and linking to my little elephant pillows. I love the softies that you make - their facial expressions are wonderful!

Chris said...

I love that picture of Sally looks crabby and devilish.