Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Case of the Early Morning Softie Making...

Happy Birthday Boogie!

I wonder who this could be... coming to life here? I suddenly got the urge at 1 am to start drafting patterns and cutting fabric -- must have been all that HTML typing at work!

Well, I'm sure you know who he is ;o) and he kept me up till 5 am, but then I ran out of materials! So -- off to the store I go!

I got a softie swap today from RomyBrett too! But I need to charge my camera batteries -- so no more pics for today :o(

Seriously awesome linky: It's Your Life presents: crafting japanese compilation I'll have to try making one of those dogs!

Blog linky: The Blue Coat - she has some beautiful bunny softies made of wonderful vintage fabric!

Plans: After the 'you know who' is done, I have an idea that this pattern could easily be made into a DRAGON! Hmm.. lots of little fire breathers wandering around the house... sounds fun :o)

1 comment:

Chris said...

Oh, a dragon would be cool!

Thanks for the link to the turtle story - that was fun.