Friday, May 26, 2006

I can see for Miles... out the office window

I'm always up for a photo meme, and Chris posted about Jen's 'what is out your window' meme - so here we are, except this is my office, not home. As you can see, it is quite rural.

First story - north from workshop door

Top story - out west window

Top Story - out north window
These are either very interesting, or very boring..
depending on how much you like trees :o)
That white square is the highly reflective metal roof

Our power went out (<--read under picture!) from 10 last night until 5 this morning -- so J and I read Calvin and Hobbes by candlelight and then I finished this guy in the car on the way to work.

No package yet - but I received another skein ordered from Etsy, in case I decide to participate in round 2 of Knitter's Tea Swap. I was feeling guilty for our lack of exotic LYS and teashops around here - but our store got in a whole line of brand new cool teas on Wednesday - as if they knew I already sent my package off last week! *smirks*

Strange News : if it quacks like an alien.... I don't know - the 'face' in the x-ray kind of looks like an unshattered light bulb or bottle to me... but at least their t-shirt is helping charity! If you want to help donate to this center list of needed items - Northern California and Southern California.

new blog find: Yarn with a Side of Coffee. She just finished her first pair of socks!


Carrie K said...

I like trees. Nice view. It reminds me of my place in Mendo Co.

Reading by candlelight is always fun. Oh, more under the power story! off to read your links...

Carrie K said...

Good grief! The tree fell on the one house that somehow was the apex of power around there? (Okay, I know it wasn't, but it's amusing. Since, not my house/power.)

RheLynn said...

**giggles** Well -- more like the 5 or 10 power poles it (and/or the storm) took with it (mentioned in story)!!!

Seriously our candles burned down about 12:30 and we were sitting there wondering how much longer this could last!

RheLynn said...

Oh My! I need to start stockpiling my creatures - in case I can participate in this! -->Paris Art 'Round the Square - June 24th, 2006 Click on the 'Pictures and More information' link at the right-hand bottom -- cool! I sent them a message, hope they will send me the info (and I'll go down to the courthouse on Monday!)

Chris said...

Flashlights? Do you have a battery powered radio? I have one - an old mp3 player that I keep just for that darned radio...

Art Round the Square sounds cool!!! I love Art in the Park type events.

aimidy said...

Thanks for the link. I'm new to this and it is quite fun.

I hate power outages, except if it's cool outside. The kids think it's a party. You know, we're having a hurricane so let's throw a party.(Haha)