Friday, May 05, 2006

May is for green...

Project Spectrum: May==Green
I'm sick, so no softie making.. but I can try again at this sock thing.
After all, these are for me :o)

More coffee with anise today, and chicken soup.
I'm telecommuting again today,
and I'm listening to KBAQ out of Phoenix, AZ.


I have a friend in Phoenix. The other night he reminded me there is a 'painting' of a zebra that I made up in his house... and I couldn't remember it. Finally I did - it is one of a little series of monoprints on muslin I did in college! :o) I forgot that some of those monoprints were of zebras!

Print Technique:

  • Get textile medium and acrylic paint.
  • Get a large piece of modelling clay (the stuff that doesn't dry).
  • Do this over a board or cardboard, as it will soak through.
  • Mix your paints with the medium beforehand.
  • You might want to paint the fabric with a white coat and let it dry first, or
    just go straight onto the plain fabric.

  • Leave plenty of room at the outside so you can staple it to a board, stretch it over a canvas stretcher, or frame it archivally.

Carve out little pictures in the clay, and stamp away! Finish up with brushes and more paint and let them dry. You can use the same "stamp" several times if you are careful! They turn out really great after a bit of practice.

I haven't done any of those for a long time. In 2002 I had a 12x16" print of this type up in the student gallery at college, of a blue bird with lots of flying feathers on a copper background.


Carrie K said...

I hope you feel better soon! Nice looking sock.

Chris said...

Have you gone in for antibiotics?! And to make sure you don't also have pneumonia??

That sock is lovely - I especially like the stripes and what I can see of the heel.