Monday, May 22, 2006

Cooperative plans

J's drawing for the pattern

The first alien results :o)

J says I need to make an alien like in the Calvin and Hobbes books (pic from Geocities fan site) he is reading. These are his drawings of the idea. I think it would look great purple with pink spots, hmm?

If there is anybody who wants to trade for supplies - let me know. I really really want to get my hands on about 10 sheets of mint green felt - I can't get that color around here. I'll trade toys for supplies too! Let me know, this is a big priority for me and I can't take time off to drive to Jackson anytime soon :o(


I'm glad to be listed - Thank You!


Chris said...


Mint green felt? Good luck. :)

Little Pear Studio said...

Marie -- I got your box today for the tea swap! Wow! I love everything. I can't believe my swap partner lives right down the road practically from Lexington, where we lived for 8 years. I still have my dearest, most closest friend and college roomie there and we were just there in March. Have you always lived in TN? My husband and I grew up outside Nashville.
Anyway! To the box! I love the things you sent. Your softie is great. I love the lace and buttons. Madison will too. I can't wait to try the sock yarn. I am still learning the whole sock knitting thing. Send me your email address so we can talk more privately. harriett_bashamATyahooDOTcom
Thank you , thank you so much!

Anonymous said...


Carrie K said...

Congrats on the blog award!

Mind green felt, eh?

Little Pear Studio said... should work.

RheLynn said...

I was being dumb and forgetting the second 't'!

Chris said...

The alien turned out cute!

Carrie K said...

The alien is cute!