Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hanging out with Mr. Sloth

He's Done!

Mr.Sloth is a handmade custom toy by KnitOwl

He will belong to Carrie K's brother!

The back of his head ;o)
I cleaned my desk this weekend,
but there is so much I can't throw out!
I really need to get organized... someday.

Kudos to J for the pose!

We watched the movie : A Sound of Thunder last night, which was based on this short story by Ray Bradbury. The story is much much better, but it was interesting, at least, to see an attempt. There were way too many 'gratuitous monster shots' for our taste.. especially where the girl gets grabbed by the icthyosaur just before they shoot out the window of a submerged subway cab.... totally unneccessary (and a little comical). Anyway, if you haven't read the short story, it's worth a look! I think we read it in high school English class way back when.

Carrie K: I learned a LOT making Mr.Sloth, and he is one of the biggest toys I've made in quite a while! He is 17" stretched out and has a clawspan of 15 inches. I started drafting him at 1 am on Saturday morning, and he was finished at 3 am on Sunday morning. (not continuous work of course!) He is entirely handstitched, not a machine has touched him. I hope your brother loves him!

I'd actually like to work out a supplies trade with you, if you're up for that -- instead of putting him in my shop. The only craft stores I have easy access to around here are WM, the thrift store, or a 1 hour drive to a JoAnns. If you'd like to do that, let me know!

Linky: Real sloth picture I used as reference.
Etsy linky: women's work magnets.. but the little black skulls on each one are such a turnoff for me, otherwise they would be cool.

Update on Calico kitty: I called my mom for mother's day and she told me that my niece gave calico kitty doll 'huggies and kissies' and that she loves her :o) :o) (My niece is three) My mommy said she would like lots of flavored tea, and that she got some nice planthangers from my sister for mother's day. I know she has so much stuff (like us) and I don't want to send her anything she can't use. I am on the lookout for more cute magnets for her though.. she always had so many cute ones when I was little (up so high we couldn't reach them!)


susan said...

Mr. Sloth is awesome!!!

amandamonkey said...

He may be the happiest sloth I've seen in a while - nice job!

Chris said...

He's adorable!

Tara said...

I love the sloth! He's so cute!! Great job!

Rhiannon said...

I LOVE him, he is the cutest!!

Great work.

RheLynn said...

Thanks everyone :o) I really hope Carrie comes to see him soon!

Carrie K said...

Sorry RheLynn! No computer at home this weekend (it's at the shop since Friday am - and then I took Monday off too.)

So I'm around and WOW! Mr. Sloth looks great! 17 inches is good too, I was hoping he'd be a good size.

Anything you want me to do is fine. Email me & we'll work out the particulars.

k said...

OMG, my fiance nickname for me is sloth! I saw this and almost died, its so perfect! Great job

Anonymous said...


RheLynn said...

Thank you!