Monday, May 29, 2006

I think this is the wrong yarn

for this project...
The colour changes are really obscuring the lace pattern - or maybe it is the yarn itself? Well, it could also be my knitting.. :o( <
Should I keep going, or try another yarn?

Kangaroo #3 - for a 2 year old.
Think this will be good? I think I need pattern #4...
The kangaroo joey is coming, I ran out of the 'soft' stuffing first.
In other news: I have more stuffing today!

click to supersize - love those whiskers
and the claws, and the nose.. well, all of her ;o)

I wish I could be this comfortable in an 83 degree house
It's my Minnesota blood.. must be.

Two volumes out of three down in Calvin and Hobbes treasury (3 vol. set) -- I think my brain is starting to rot, err - convert to Calvin's philosophies... err.. ouch, anyway my brain hurts. I just KNOW when J and I have kids, they are going to be just like Calvin...

J got some 'Soyrizo,' or vegan chorizo sausage - which he is going to cook up. This should be interesting.

This Memorial Day: J and I took a moment to remember his grandmother, who passed last year. We went to have a talk with her when she first went into the hospital - she was a smart strong lady (who still had all her teeth at age 85. She told us to take GOOD care of our teeth.) and a wonderful warm personality. I only knew her a little bit, but I cried with him.


Anonymous said...

I think you should change yarn and go with a solid. That should help the lace pattern pop out a bit.

Very sweet story about J's grandmother.

Carrie K said...

I think you should go with a solid too because I couldn't see the lace pattern at all. Maybe photograph it against the light?

Vegan chorizo? Don't take this the wrong way but blearg.

Kanga 3's one leg looks amazingly like a thumb! OTOH, I'm a little swacked on Benedryl. Nature hates me.

Rhiannon said...

The lace pattern will show up much more once blocked. That is one of the major keys to lace. Does it look better when you stretch it a little bit??

Kyle and I LOVE soyrizo, we usually have it for breakfast with eggs and potatoes as burritos. I guess no eggs for you guys, but we love the breakfast burritos... eat them often.

Chris said...

Definitely change the yarn to a solid!!

*hugs* to you and J.

Carrie K said...

Oh, Rhiannon is right. You usually can't see lace at all until it's blocked. How did I forget that?

Obsidian Kitten said...

omigosh...kittie pics are the best. well, after stuffed 'roos. no, i mean aliens. and close up there to vintage 1971 knitting patterns. i'll hafta scan a few of the vintage pattern pics i have now, i think i have a couple of contenders. =)

but that afghan-stitch whatsit (is it a jumpsuit? lawsy!) is REALLY something else...not sure i have anything to compete with that...

RheLynn said...

You're right carrie - she kind of does have a 'thumb'... maybe I should donate her to the thrift store?