Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Birdwatchers Stay Home

A note from Willowpede and Sally-Mander...

Did you hear? She didn't take us to work,
and she promised!

We had to stay home and watch birds because
J stayed home and fought with some large piece of computer equipment.
We bothered him all day though, so that was fun!

I'm back in the groove -- I had a busy day, post office and library, shopping and work, then back home to make dinner. I'm getting my pal's box together too -- have a few little items to make as bonuses :o)

More progress on the sock, I'm trying hard not to put this aside anytime soon. Chris saw through my evil plan to let this sock be for May and June... *whistles*.. it might be true, sad enough. I do have a pronounced tendency to let my sewing overtake my knitting.

On to making those bonuses! (Tricia, your bear is on her way! you should get an email today)

Movie tonight:Kate and Leopold (I am such a girl... I kept apologizing to J for this rental...) - I am such a sucker for these sort of movies.

Etsy yarn shops
Bought from:

Look interesting:

*Maia in the tea swap owns this shop, she's great! :o)


Chris said...

Hee hee. Busted! ;)

You definitely sound like you have more energy - yay!!

majamom said...

I have a family of 4 owls who just appeared 4 days ago in our big tree. Come on by and see them!
I'm going to check out your ETSY SHOP!

RheLynn said...

chris: I do, and so many things I need to use it on (energy) now!

Hi marybeth! : Oh your owls are so beautiful - I went to look! My etsy shop has been busy lately, I need to make more things!

Anonymous said...

Hey, your tea swap pal here :) Just wanted to say hello and that I'm enjoying reading your blog :)