Thursday, May 11, 2006

Neat finds, busy day

image created in the GIMP by Marie Winger-Meyer KnitOwl 2006
Hello Tea Swap Pal! Nice to Meet you!

I found a wonderful red bag at the thrift store yesterday, it is just the right size for me! Then later on, I swapped with another shopowner for some great items on Etsy too! I'd give her a link here, but I want the items to be a secret, (knitter's tea swap!) and they would show up in her items sold queue :o) I hope they come soon, because I have the rest of the package contents ready now.

I stayed up until 3 in the morning sewing softies last night -- but I have more to go today. One of these softies is hopping in the package too... Have to go post office for my end of the Etsy trade, and then off to work!

Willowpede and Sally-Mander were sleeping on some projects on the ironing board

Uh-oh, she saw us napping together!

Now that we are staying home more often,
we have to get along.

Well, I'd better just kick you off then,
after all, our reputation depends on it!

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Carrie K said...

Did she really kick Sally off the ironing board? Honestly. Some cats will go to any lengths to protect their reputation.

How's the cold? Hanging in there? Well, hang in there. Soon it'll be over.

3am? Tsk. Tsk. Sleep.

RheLynn said...

Yes, she really did kick her off. Sally came complaining (unhappy meow pick me up) to me not five minutes after the last picture :o) Silly, aren't they?

Cold is getting better - feels like just a cold now, the chest pain is going away. I did sleep! I just didn't sleep until 3 am! ;o)

stuffed said...

How can you get anything done with so much furry cuteness around?

My cats have similar shoving tactics. They look so adorable and lovey-dovey one second and the next second someone's on the floor.

Chris said...

You must be feeling better, with everything that you're getting done!

Heh, they sound just like kids bickering and complaining to mom!

RheLynn said...

Chris: I am feeling better, and these two are just like kids (well I do treat them like kids, anyway!)

There are some very slothy things going on around here -- and it's not me! (you should see me move about - no resemblance to a sloth at all now that I feel better :o)

How are you feeling?