Sunday, May 28, 2006

Knit a little bit here, then over there -- and over here...

We're not doing anything for Memorial Day,
other than a little drive around on Sunday.
I thought about using this Lopi to knit something for needy kitties.
Willow had other plans.

Never get up for coffee when a cat is at the table
She was really upset I took a picture and laughed at her!

I was looking for projects in my magazine stash and instead, found these. So, this is my revenge to Chris for her knitting mag tour this week, although bikinis were much worse ;o) - Some of this is crochet, some of it is knit.

The hat is blinding.
The date (as shown) is Fall/Winter 1971.

It says this is 'afghan stitch' - I ask.. why?

Really now?

And, the good egg (knit) of the bunch.
It was this picture that convinced me to buy the magazine
for 25 cents at our library sale last year.

Blue Dyed Hands had a little 'expose' on needles that I found intersting. I hadn't heard of a few of those types.. but then I'm out here in the middle of nowhere and I don't search enough online for them.

My first test-run for Branching Out
in some white KnitPicks Palette.

Now I'm trying to finish the toe on my 10" foot-sized May/June sock. *sigh*



Chris said...

That ship is amazing!

Heh, the crochet from the 70s is indeed horrific! So much fug...

It's 97F here. Blech. I turned the air on a bit ago (I was gone most of the day), but Chaos is still doing his dead kitty imitation on the tile (I checked, he's fine!).

RheLynn said...

Have you had Chaos checked for reptilian genes? ;o) I can't believe it was hotter there in MN than here! Wow!

Chris said...

Hey, it's down to 95F now! Woo-hoo!! :)

Imagine, thunderstorms later... big surprise there - hopefully it cools things down! Only about 10 days ago, the high was 45.

Carrie K said...

Anatomy of a Murder is good. I've got a John Barrymore movie to watch tonight, Counsellor At Law. I guess in 1933 that was a snazzy title.

Hey! Crochet from the 70's was........horrific. I do sort of like that poncho. Though more as a blanket.

It's 73 here. Gorgeous! Hot in the sun, but not baking. I hope it's the same for the Kite Festival tomorrow.

Poor Willow. I can't believe you laughed at her. The poor thing is going to need therapy.

Mad said...

Hi there- Glad you found me through Squidoo, and to have found you! Making stuff is good...Good partner with philosophy-:)mad

Rhiannon said...

I have not read your post yet, just looked at the pictures... Why are all the women leaning? (mostly in the last 3 photos) Do hideous hand knit/crochet items look better at an angle?? ;)

Now I am off to read what you wrote... sorry, I always look at the pictures first.