Saturday, March 28, 2015


Our hyacinths survived the freeze the other day - they smell very nice. I just really need it to warm up sometime this year!    Lots of jump rope today, and she was practicing math while doing it at several points, skip counting, adding halves etc...  we made a 'park' in Minecraft...almost could have counted today as school but I was trying to take it easy.  Mark did some woodworking today and fixed two of our doors that were sticking.  I'm on 48 hours minus coffee.. although that doesn't mean no caffeine.  I've picked up some Chai green tea and made that instead..and drinking hot water just to fill in the gap of having something warm.  Last night was a terrible withdrawal headache...but today seems to be going well.  If you have ever met me -and heard I was on purpose not drinking coffee.. you'd wonder what happened...  or what I got replaced with *heh*...  

I'm in the middle of Mad Ship by Robin Hobbs... this is the second to the last book for me (since I read Rain Wilds out of order).   Esme's Puzzle Book copy came today - and she says it is a really cool book. I'm still waiting on my Crystal structure book to come in the mail.

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