Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tuesday Building

9    - dragon city
9.30    - lego presentation and engineering, arches and supports
 --She really thought the 'arch' was just the shape of a bridge.  I told her how important that really was to history - making open spaces with fewer materials and making STRONG spaces and bridges.  We found several LEGO pieces that were already arch shaped, some wooden blocks from her room, and we built an arch going over the swimming pool and practice items she had made the night previous for her puppy character.  We then built (and rebuilt) a slide for the pool and the arch bridge to show how to make something stronger.
10.30    - break

11:15am - LAN Minecraft to discuss the arch, setting time with commands, etc..  When asked she made an arch all by herself over a porch we had made another day.  She did it quickly and showed understanding very well.  I made a little building in my area with double arches ... she thought it was OK, but was already on to other ideas.
1.15p     - break

A shot of the LAN world,she added the treehouses, the arch over the porch stairs and the stable post for the horse today.. among other things, I am sure.  The blue 'Moon Castle' is the building I added today.

1.30p    - minecraft on her own world, building
2.30p    - break

9:30 - revisiting Lego, invention labs, spaceships and egg nests, reading new book from library
10:00 - bedtime

//I really hope we don't get this snowstorm they are predicting.

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