Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday of holes and apple trees

9a    - gardening, outside and tractor work
10a    - dragon city
10.45a    - tree planting
11a    - tractor maintenance, airing tires
11.30a    - break

1p    - minecraft
2p    - garden cleanup
2.45p    - done

Yesterday Esme began digging a 'rabbithole like Alice' in the yard - and somewhere after the first shovelful it became a hole for an apple tree.  So, Daddy called me at work and I brought home a new apple tree to be pair to the one we have.  They planted it today. And she began working on another hole to sink her cilmbing tree into - which will have climbing wall tree spikes.  If they get it deep enough by Wednesday we will sink the cedar post in there with concrete and she will have what she saw in one of my design books that she can climb up and down.  Mark said we might just build her a crow's nest on it...she has been wanting a treehouse for quite a while, but that won't quite do that.  She already made a 'obstacle course' all along the pile of cedar posts on the ground, which she showed me when I got home.  We also planted some elephant ears, gladiolus and tulips in the yard.

She aired the tires on the tractor after being shown the implements and how to do it - she did that well, Daddy said.  They did some more cleanup work in the garden - which I had begun a month or so before all this frost.  She is playing with her mosaic tiles now and making patterns.  She says I can go look at her Minecraft project from today to see what she built :)

This was her build for the day - a wooden house with lots of shutters, a nicely finished inside (fireplace, library, seats, staircases and a bed in the upper story). Mark says there is also a 'terrarium' in the winter room now I should go see -- but didn't get there.

//We went into Minecraft and spent over an hour building a restaurant.  She wants to build a school tomorrow.. and something else - I forget.

I built the lighthouse while she was playing with her mosaic tiles - then she wanted to come build a school because she thought about the school bells ringing when she looked at my tower.  But - the restaurant was a better choice for the time we had.  

Sushi and Chinese restaurant : Happy Cat Cafe.
This is a shot of her prepping octopus in the kitchen - I told her it would be funny as we had been spawning octopi on the countertops by the cash register and then she put one in the sink.  I built a 'real' kitchen in the back of the restaurant telling her what each thing was and making signs.  She has to read the signs and sometimes asks what the words mean.  There is a dumpster out back, with 'spoiled' food in it in the alley way.  In the front she said she was making an 'eating outside place' and it turned out that was on the roof!  I made some stairs up to it.  Mark suggested adding vines - which looked cool.  Esme told me we needed lights.  Then we added flowers.  We took turns ordering things from the signs, adding up the gold and producing the requested order. 

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