Thursday, March 26, 2015


8.30a    - minecraft - built a water 'ride' that was many levels high.. lots of thought required and she built something very cool!  The goal was to start at the top and not have the player press any keys, but flow down the 'ride' without stopping, hanging up anywhere etc..  She had to work out several things- enough space for the player, containment of the water, and how to keep things flowing.  The second picture shows a flock of chickens riding down - and they were all 'alive' at the bottom.

12.30p    - break

3.30p    - cleaning up
4p    - paper snowflakes
4.30p   - cleaning up her work table that was full of stuff!  Putting things away, reorganizing supplies.
reading The Way things Work (mammoth version) and Pokemon book on her own
5:30p - done, off to play downstairs, bounce around and return to reading now and then, supervise me making a dress for her a few times here and there...  She wanted to go outside and play more baseball but came right back in saying it was too  cold!

McCalls M6594, 'B' version,size 8ish
I made one 2 years ago in a size 6, and put the dress pattern up as it was 'not my favorite' type of construction, lots of casing and tiny elastic.  She is wearing that dress in the snowflake picture. I tried to copy the 'makedo' waist elastic that it has... the way in the instructions just isn't something I could wrap my head around then and not now, either... but this is a technique from a sundress pattern I had back then and it worked again.  She says she loves being a flower made of leaves and twirling and curtseying like a princess. Her requests are another one in purple and one in blue, too - like Cinderella.  I was planning on making a few more now that I've gotten some more practice under my belt.

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