Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday bits

9a    - Laundry / Washing machine operation
9.15a    - dragon city
9.45a    - Laundry
10a    - break

10.30a    - reading aloud (nursurey rhymes book)
10.45a    - typing practice (ditto)
11.15a    - TedTalk; Apollo Robbins on Misdirection
11.30a    - break

12.30p    - Planet Earth "Pole to Pole"
1.30p    - beseige
1.45p    - break

3.30p    - matific
4.15p    -Ted Talk, Andrew Bird "One Man Orchestra"
4.30p    - done

When I got home she showed me the hotel she built during one of her breaks - out of wooden blocks.  We also watched half of the Sound of Music tonight, which she was a bit hard to begin with (it is stodgy in the beginning) and then she really got into it... hope the second half is as capturing tomorrow. Putting away laundry, Jabberwocky and Elephant poems right before bed.

Last night she had been arguing a lot- Mark said she did some of that today as well, and got in trouble for it.  It's been a stressful last month with the being cold, iced-in and homebound, missing some things she was looking forward to in town during that etc...  now we are leading into a more 'normal' week but it is my week '6 days on' at special trips out etc...which makes us all hope for a bit of actual rest to come in a more normal week with days off coming up.  She argued a lot about losing her library book the other day when she Aquified her tent.  She had been keeping it there as a special place, instead of where I usually have her keep her library book.  She tossed it out while making the 'under the sea' scene and forgot where she put it.  I told her if she didn't find it today, on Friday - she would have to face the librarian and say she had lost it.  She was VERY grumpy about the mention of the idea...sulking etc.  It has been a hard book and less fun than she anticipated it to be by the picture on the front.  That happens... I haven't pressed it because it was her choice last week...but I have pressed the 'loss' of it.  It is on my desk now ready to go back on Friday.  // I'm watching the Ted Talk they watched (they said the first one was good the second one was so-so and they didn't finish all of it) and then headed for bed.

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