Thursday, March 05, 2015

Thursday treehouses and transportation build

 We built a transportation system in Minecraft today - mostly at my prompting, because she had tamed some horses.  I had also built a library the day before while she was asleep - she put an anvil and tieups for the horses out in front of it.  We are writing books about the world and storing them in chests in the library.

 I could count some of the book writing as spelling practice.  And she read the book about transportation that I had made.  I built a bridge across the river for our horses and she helped me build a railroad called 'all you can hurl' rollercoaster across the world to a new place.

 The glass structure is her 'skydiving station'. There is a little village near there we are building on, but she is up and down whether or not she wants to make decisions there.

Then she built teepees with me, to play Indian.  Her rules for Indian Minecraft are you cannot fly, wear a helmet or destroy any of the 'ancient forest' which are the jungle trees she planted.

Midafternoon we watched some Frozen planet and she also measured pork rub spices with Daddy on the balance scale according to their recipe, making enough for porkchops for dinner and a pork roast later tonight.  She is really getting good at measuring exactly enough and telling that it is correct before she dumps it into the mixing container.

9:15 - dragon city, maintenance, decisions, war, breeding, etc.
9:50 - Minecraft LAN, bridge, rollercoaster, road, skydiving station, library books
12:00 - Frozen planet dvd over lunch
1 pm - more Minecraft LAN, Indian Teepee, treehouses, exploration, watering hole with road
2:30 pm - measuring spices with balance beam scale
3pm - more LAN, discussing village, sheep, more Indian teepee and decorations (she used skulls in hers)
4pm - done with school, but she is still playing...thinking, she says... 15 minutes after that she still  hadn't made any decisions and had a fit over my disagreeing with her how to grow jungle trees (if the grass needed to be removed or not) and went to her room in a tizzy.

Dinner is in an hour... she was playing pretty much straight most of the day so she really needed to take a break but didn't want to.

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