Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Minecraft

drawing of her idea for the treehouse we are planning in the yard.  That is her picture of our goat, trees and the house outside below the treehouse and all of the climbing pegs in the pole.

8a    - minecraft - Survival mining, coal, iron, lapis lazuli and gold, smelting, furnace and tools
9.30    - break
10a    - minecraft - Survival building, castle, sheep dyeing and shearing, carpets and glass
1p    - break
1:3p    - Minecraft - creative mode, party, costume shop, dyeing leather armors
2.30p    - break
3p      - Minecraft reading books and homework in the City Library (in game).
//we made new sections in the library - a whole lower story and an extension on the top story.  I made chests that said  Humor, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure and more - wrote a few 'books' that she read (a four page mystery) and then I gave her some 'homework' on signs beside chests - math, rhyming words and to copy a poem from a book into a Minecraft book.  She wrote the answers to my questions on more signs and got the clue to go and find her milk and cookies stashed in a secret place.
4p      - done

She also finished watching Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix movie that we had watched half of yesterday.
She is drawing more pictures  :)
I am crocheting a rug for her room and have it about halfway done.

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