Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday cedar pole stage 2

 Showing off the pole that will be the foundation of a larger summer project - either a crow's nest platform, a treehouse, or some combination of the two.

 She said she wanted me to take a picture like this :)

8.30a    - dragon city
9a    - cementing pole
//mixing and pouring cement around the cedar pole as a family project.  She helped with all the bits of the stages but it was all of us together that got the job done.
10a    - break

//hot cocoa with marshmallows and peeling oranges, then she asked what we could watch while we drank our cocoa.  Mark and I have been talking about the philosophical topics brought up in Star Trek, The Next Generation, and wondering if she is ready to take on some of those ideas.
10.15a    - ST:TNG : Elementary Dear Data (and discussion)
//she was fascinated by several things in this - she wants to watch more.  This was an episode that dealt with 'the mystery is half the fun', learning by not knowing the answers and having to figure them out, and also the philosophical question of the computer becoming aware of itself and Data being a self-aware machine.  She had lots of questions about that.

12     - town, supplies, lunch
//putting together her toy from the Wendy's Kids meal by following the instructions.
1:30     - break

2p    - minecraft, survival mode, collecting food and resources, mine exploration
4.30p    - done

'New chicken', the English Game Hen we bought yesterday.
School is 'done' and the weather is too cold to really play outside like she would like to.  She is cutting construction paper, using glue and making some project of her own.

Walking around the  yard with her bow pretending, with Spud at her side.
She said she was being a 'hunting girl' looking for food.

one of her drawings from today

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