Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday misc

8.30a    - dragon city
9a    - khan math - got to 71% mastered on K-2 math category.
9.30a    - break

10.15a    - reading aloud: Stink the Shrinking Kid,, pages 1-47
11a    - break

12      - Photo processing and post office.  I made her ask the questions and do the procedure at the photo counter, the checkout and the post office.  I did help with change a little.
1       - P.E. at city park and walking track - There were lots of kids, and she played in trees and up and down the slides with some boys.  // Now get this guys, remember, this is Esme, you got that? (one of the boys to the other boys after she 'didn't die' climbing to the top of a cedar tree).  After the crowd dwindled, we did the half mile track there and back (1mile) played on the equipment and in trees, checked out plant stuff, pinecones, wild onions, johnny jump ups and also the new exercise bar equipment they have on the other side of the track.  She did a lot of running, until she was bright pink in the face at points... we stopped to get a drink and look at landscaping plants on the way home.
2:3     - break

3:3     - radio and music, tuning to radio stations, different types of music, talk radio, sports - holding the radio up or to the side to get a better signal.  She really hates the static, like her Dad it drives both of them up the wall somehow - but it is a skill to learn too, everything in life isn't crystal clear DVD sound etc...she thought the radio news was VERY boring and buried her head in her beanbag chair claiming she was NOT UNHAPPY can't you tell that? // short nap and came up with ideas for Minecraft in less than ten minutes.
4:15     - Minecraft
9.30p      - done

//When she was doing math this morning she realized some of it was 'second grade' math again.  She began to balk after she had been complaining it was easy moments before.  We never did second grade math in school!  Well, your teacher didn't even think you could do first grade math.. so no, you never did some of this, but you're actually doing a very good job on it.  Her response:  Oh, well ... she didn't listen to me very much so I didn't do things for her when she asked.  // So after nearly six months of homsechool she can articulate that.  She said it offhandedly, as if she always thought that but never said it until now.  *blink* and on we go... hope to be done with the masteries by 'summer break' in June.

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