Friday, March 20, 2015


8.30a    - minecraft: costume shop
10.30a    - Hidden Kingdoms: "Under Open skies"

Her perspective of the woodlands she saw in the film - it looks like a 'fish eye lens' to me...which is only natural until I think about no one has shown her to draw this way...she draws it how she sees it.  // I think that is a frog in the puddle to the right, and of course a rabbit and a squirrel.

11.15a    - minecraft - Testing Grounds, house building, cat taming
1.30p    - 200x jumping jacks
1.45p    - drawing
2p    - done

 'King goat', which is a giant, because he has to be big enough to wear a saddle.
She also drew fifteen little goats on another piece of paper.

She had built a cow farm out of a box and all of her plastic and figurine cows she could find today.  She added a few farm implements, hay, windmills from a kit she got for Christmas a few years ago.  Then she started 'breeding' the cows and cows popped up at random from here and there.  *giggle*

She says she will have to show me how far up she can climb on the cedar pole.. she found out and marked it - and when I get some time she will show it to me.

//on to the weekend! //

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