Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday flea market and cedar post stage 1

9a    - flea market & co-op
//wrote the shopping list for us for the co-op
//found and cleaned out her chicken cage to bring to the market
//bought a new chicken - looks like an English game hen,and we looked at lots of other chickens,ducks,a chinchilla, guineapigs...We met a lady we had went to see last year and talked to her about her farm.  Esme found some toys, bought some oranges and helped out a bit at the co op.  She watched us clip the chiciken's wings before we put her into the coop with our other chickens..and checked on her through the day.  It's tough - because we are introducing her into a flock that has been in our coop for a year,and last Mark told me she was sleeping on the roof of the chicken house....we all have to learn more about chickens and this is how to start.
11a    - break

11.30a    - dragon city
12p    - minecraft
//She says she has built a place behind the restaurant by the dumpster for 'people with no gold'... oh boy... I guess I will have to go see what she has built.  We had started to build a school behind the restaurant and when I had left for work she was working on the restrooms and cafeteria in that but was really sad that I was leaving for work and we weren't even close to getting to the playground yet.

12.30    - break
1p    - excavation
//They worked hard to get the hole ready for the cedar post, and to raise it up in the hole when they finished.  I brought home a VERY heavy bag of Portland cement and we will try to mix it and pour it into the hole around the pole tomorrow.
2p    - done

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