Saturday, March 14, 2015

Projects in Minecraft homeschool stuff

 Esme's 'most beautiful place in the world' and 'book temple' which has lots of books
and enchanting tables inside it.
 This is more my build than hers - but she has helped some with it - especially on the inside.  We are calling it the Moon Palace.  It goes through the mountain and comes out the other side.

She had said I had to post the other side picture, too - while I was at it.

This is her 'summer room', which has a beach, a pool the 'sun' above and a place to rest and be warm.  The 'winter room' next door is the same, except open to the sky and snow all over the ground.  She was making snow golems there, but they kept dying because it was too warm.

We also are building our undersea Atlantis - which is not that picture worthy at the moment, but is becoming so.  We joined for fun tonight (not count as school) and made a sunken ship with sails and a lot of extra rooms on it.

For the record - she was reading her Power Pack comic books (of which I bought her a stack of twenty a few months back) and she was telling me about the story she had been reading on her own, and about the 'hideous' alien guards.  She knows what the word means, can read it - and hasn't been told it by us or helped with pronouncing ..maybe Grandma, but not sure.  She said the character hid behind 'one of the gang', which is like you and me, we are a gang because we are together.  She is breaking out with lots of new info, words and ideas and there is probably a 'spurt' about to occur.

Other comments today:  'I ate a LARGE container of popcorn chicken today!' (Mark let her order for herself, and she took advantage).  Mark: Not all at once (indicating she made more than one meal of it). Esme - from the back seat and matter-of-factly : 'Of course not, I ate them one at a time, with ketchup!'. //we laughed hard, she wondered exactly why...  Also, she didn't like the idea of lettuce at first in her taco - which I had ordered in haste.  Later she told me she liked the taco with the lettuce inside it, instead of the taco with no lettuce inside it, which was not what that was...  Things are forging ahead.

Bits from Friday out to town before I forget : When I said her cat had made a noise, she said no she didn't, she was right here *be-haivey* herself - which turned my head.  We also talked about 'What makes tires stay on the road on hills - why doesn't the car move' and the combination of brakes in the car and tread on the tires.  I had her look at her shoe bottoms, too - and said they were 'tread', and 'tread' also means to step on something with force or grip.  There was a truck transporting a tractor in front of us in the car and I pointed out that tractor had 'mud on the treads of its tire'.  She looked at her shoe again and said she never knew those things and lines were treads.  I used the word 'eaves' on her when we were at the library in the rain - 'Get up under the eaves quick or we'll get wet.'  She said: 'There are no leaves, mom - and we can't get under them/'  She was a bit frustrated when I said that 'eaves' was a word and it meant the bits of the roof that stick out over the wall - just say roof MOM - but some 'rooves' don't have eaves, this one does - and we don't get wet.  She got there and suddenly liked the idea - as she walked all along the building out of the rain.  We talked about climbing and baseball/soccer shoes with points - called 'cleats'.  She asked what the pitcher's name was (the throwing man) and if he needed the shoes.  I explained he needed the shoes too, to grab the pitcher's mound when he throws the ball - as much as the runners did for running in the sand and grass.  We've discussed what 'blood in the water' means as regards to sharks - which she hadn't understood that comment and why one had to do with the other (she had a toy shark she threw in some water and I made a comment).  She was very round-eyed about that -- we might need to get a shark documentary or watch a short Youtube.

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