Friday, March 13, 2015


11a - prepare for town, post office, Lowes
12 - library, Math Doodles game
1:30 - break
2 - PE at playplace
3 - spend allowance, helping Grandma with Groceries/unload
3:45 - spelling test first grade sections 11 & 12
--we'll probably start over from the beginning again for review
trouble with 'there' and 'each', but she remembered 'which' very well, and remembered 'rose' and 'pick' which I threw on the end to see if I could stump her.

4 - Minecraft, tour, building Atlantis city (Spelling, thinking, decision making)
---She had built a 'weather room' pair last time with Daddy and showed them to me - Summer and Winter.  they were very cool.  We started building a city under the ocean - just a few rooms to start with, and practicing with taking all the water out of the room after it is built.
5:45 - done

//Her attitude in town was very good, especially considering I wasn't feeling the best.  We got Grandma home and unpacked and then after her school finished she went up for a sleepover.

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