Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday miscellany

We finished the Sound of Music, and stopped several times to discuss what was really happening, and what the historical implications of World War II starting was in reference to the movie.

8a    - Sound of Music, history discussion about the War they are escaping from, what it meant to the world- why the father was willing to walk his children over the mountain rather than fight for the Nazis.  She also talked with me a bit about the seven children in one family, why their mother had died etc...she still wonders why it was so hard for us to have her, and she doesn't have siblings, etc.. it is a tough topic.

about 3/4 of the way through the second half she had a small break where she did an x-ray pretend with her doll, made some 'charts' and a fabric cast for her doll's foot. She used the sewing scissors with care to cut a long lengthways strip of cloth and tied it around the foot in a double-knot - both things she was almost unable and definitely unwilling to do in October.
11a    - dragon city
12p    - done

Mark counted the movie and her math as most of the official school - but she really did a lot of her own learning today, which is a great thing to see.  She had a good day - played with the big dryer box I had gotten her, built more with blocks, drew a picture outside (on her own initiative) with crayons and a tablet, got the mail by herself and brought it to Daddy.  Daddy also had to take care of our dog Sweetie who had torn her ear in the woods early this morning and needed watching over and some first aid once the bleeding had clotted a bit.  She is doing very well, and accompanied them on a walk to the lake this afternoon before I came home from work.  Mark says the grass is tall and golden down there- I want to try to see it tomorrow, as that is one of my favorite things.  It is tough being cooped up inside (at my work) when the weather is finally a bit nice.

We have a town run tomorrow, library, groceries, allowance spending... she also wanted to cut the box and paint it, but now we have duct taped another box to it to make it a shop with a counter - so maybe that is what it will be.  She is watching a Harry Potter movie she requested now, and then it will be bedtime.

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