Wednesday, March 04, 2015


 copywork from her Calvert book

9.45a    - dragon city
10.15a    - PE(200x jumping jacks, 20x 20lb stair laps)
10.30a    - break
11:30a  -  discussion about volcanoes
11.45a    - copywork
12.30p    - reading (3 billy goats, stone soup)
12.45p    - Frozen planet ep 2, 3, 4 (Spring, Summer, Fall)
3p    - done

//She wants to play soccer in the hallway, show me her new LEGO builds and then we might talk more about either seals or volcanoes.  We had done some discussion about volcanoes before I left for work - had promised her a video but didn't have time before I had to go.  She told me that Daddy and her talked about different kinds of seals.  I asked her what they eat, and what eats them - and she was able to tell me good answers.  She still wants me to make a seal toy for her - but wanted it to be 'real'..said that wasn't going to happen and she said oh, yea.  heh

She was reading some in the new HONEY book she had borrowed from the library.  Her complaint is that the books are just so long - but she had trouble only with a few higher level words.  'barrelling', 'honestly', 'forged', 'meant', 'Peterson', 'fostered'.  Her reading is really 'forging' along, but she still gets tired of it quickly.  Daddy and her had an argument today about what day of the week it is...she wanted it to be Thursday so she only had one more day of school left.

//We watched a geography video about volcanoes, and went over some of the vocabulary written down.

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