Monday, March 09, 2015

Monday apples

 Daddy had school today - and he wasn't feeling the best today, so they did a lot of computer stuff off and on over the day.  Then they peeled, cut and dried a bag of apples.

9a    - dragon city
10a    - minecraft
Mark said they built an apartment complex in Minecraft for the villagers, then made a lava pit to keep the population down...uh huh.
12p    - break
12.30p    - minecraft
1p    - dragon city
1.30p    - break

2p    - apple dissasembly & drying (math, splitting between trays, keeping count, staying 'four apples ahead of Daddy' while peeling (she was proud of that).
3p    - done

When I got home from work there were Mackintosh apples drying in the dehydrator and a very proud little girl.  She showed me the squishy spongy but delicious apples!  They had also saved the seeds - we might scatter them in the woods.  She knows they won't breed 'true' (from the documentary we watched) but that there is a chance, and she really wants to give them that chance.  We are still planning on buying another tree to be a partner to the one we planted last summer... she has been keeping a close eye on it.

She showed me the butterfly dragon she hatched in dragon city, and the dragon book with all the info of its 'habitats', combats and stages of growth.  She also showed me her Aqua Tent (which is her play tent in her room that is now 'pretend water' and has all of her sea creature stuffed animals arranged in it like they are living in the ocean, told me about the Minecraft projects, and begged to read more of the Poems and Rhymes book for bedtime reading.  We also went over the French words from the video we watched yesterday...she will need to go over it again.  I have an early day tomorrow though - so I'll be going to sleep soon. I made my 'signature' dinner of grilled egg (and cheese) sandwiches, which Esme eats and I was feeling in the mood for.  She had already eaten an early supper with Daddy, so I split the two sandwiches unevenly and she had a smaller portion - then came up to show me all the dragon things.

Bits : //we've talked about getting her banty chicks to have grow up, as her chickens are not laying many eggs...and she wants to pet them more.  But, she says she is not ready to take care of them, yet.  We feel the same....we're not ready either!  ha.  She has started to remind me about Easter, and talk about what the 'Easter rabbit - who is a spirit, not a rabbit' might have in mind for this year.. she knows it's kind of me, but that I look up things that are on the computer that were done for Easter, too...   I was so VERY cold last night - the humidity, probably... I've left her to read her Mama Cat Tells Time book in her bed with her light on, will go turn it off for her in a few minutes.

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